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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 10, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live this is abc 7 news. >> the car sped down the street and dragged him and banged into a couple cars along the way. >> a bay area musician was killed trying to get his laptop back after a robbery in oakland. good evening. thanks for joining us. >> tonight friends gathered to remember a beloved musician.
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they laid flowers at the spot where he died yesterday. >> dave deporous was killed after chasing a robber in a red audi who had stolen his laptop outside a cafe on telegraph avenue. >> friends and witnesses. >> reporter: this is how friends say he would want to be remembered, spreading thiz joy through music. >> friend to everyoe in the community, an excellent musician, loved nature, loved connecting people. hosting events for the community. >> reporter: the 40-year-old singer/songwriter was killed after being dragged by a speeding car. he was sitting with his laptop outside this cafe when a man came up and grabbed it it. he chased the suspect and apparently grabbed on to the car as it sped away. >> the car sped down the street
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and dragged him. >> lesley told us she heard streeching tires and came out to see him gravely injured. >> i don't know him but he's young. he had his whole life ahead of him. i wish he had let go but maybe he couldn't. >> property can be replaced but life can't and in this instance, it was dangerous. >> he regularly played at various local clubs and he lived in an oakland artist studio. >> he loved his music more than anything in the world. that's why he chased his laptop. all of the music was on there. i don't think he would have chased after anything like that. ♪ >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. interstate 280 in san francisco's open again but traffic is still crawling after a garbage truck went up the
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center divider and crossed into the opposing lanes tonight. it happened at about 5:30 near the boulevard off ramp. as you can see the truck is straddling the center divider. three southbound lanes and twor northbound lanes were blocked for most of the evening commute. two people suffered minor injuries. >> now to the war of words with north korea. late today north korea vowed to quote mercilessly wipe out provocteres. it comes after president trump promised again to unleash fire and fury if north korea makes any new threat. this time he said those words were not tough enough. senior white house correspondent has more. >> reporter: president trump tonight with the new warning for north korea if they follow through on that threat against guam. >> let's see what he does with guam. he does something in guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody's seen before what will happen in north korea.
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he will see. it's not a dare. it's a statement. he's not going to go around threatening guam and he's not going to threaten the united states and he's not going to threaten japan and he's not going to threaten south korea. >> reporter: the president delivering those tough words at his bed minister golf club and on the front steps of the clubhouse, with the vice president by his side, he didn't hesitate to take on pyongyang, calling his fire and fury comment nonsense. >> i don't think they mean that and i think it's the first time they've heard it like they heard it and frankly the people questioning that statement, maybe it wasn't tough enough. it's about time somebody stuck up for this country and people of other countries. maybe that statement wasn't tough enough. >> reporter: he's not backing down and also not telegraphing what comes next. as for a pre-emptive strike. >> i don't talk about that,
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never do. sfwlrks negotiations. >> sure. >> reporter: this is the first test over nuclear weapons and in his first interview after the inauguration, the president told david he was confident he dwood the right thing. >> let me ask you, they give you the nuclear codes. very somber. sobering moment? >> when they explained what it represents and the kind of destruction that you're talking about, it is a very sobering moment, yes. it's very, very scary in a sense. >> does it keep you up at night? >> no, but it's confidence that i'll do the right thing and the right job but it's very, very scary thing. >> in north korea, marching in the street the country rallying as it issued that threat to strike the u.s. territory of guam. the president lobbed one more shot before walking off. >> and i will tell you this
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north korea better get their act together or they're going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world. okay. >> well, that was sesealia vega reporting and the man who would carry out any military action was in the bay area tonight. they said there are two rails the nation can take right now, one that is diplomatic, the other military. he says he's making the right choice after getting the united nations to adopt sanctions against north korea. >> you can see the american effort is diplomatically led. it has diplomatic traction. it is gaining diplomatic results and i want to stay right there right now. the tragedy of war is well enough known it doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> this was general mattis first official visit to the pentagon
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program called defense innovation unit experimental that helps funnel civilian technology to the defense department. he'll also visit google before returning to the defense department later in the day. and two u.s. officials stha military is not on an elevated status and it does not appear north korea is planning any missile strikes soon. federal atf agents made arrests. video shows operation cold day after a two year investigation, law enforcement arrested more than 75 people tuesday and yesterday in san mateo and san francisco counties. they seized more than 100 ounces of illegal drugs and frarth stolen cars. one neighbor who shared this cell phone video says he's seen a lot of strange activity next door. >> just a lot of women going in and out of there. cars, motorcycles, people coming in and out of.
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you might see 20 people show up, get in and leave. >> the san mateo county d.a. says it was called operation cold day because of the unprecedented nature when had which some say would be a cold day in you know where. senator feinstein visited a family facing a deportation after a 20-year bat tool stay in the united states. she told them she would interduts special legislation in the senate to temporarily lift their deportation. >> this is a mistake. this shouldn't happen. i mean go after the gang bangers, leave the law abiding good people who are adding to our economy whose children are productive. they're all going to school, they're all going to give back to society. >> senator feinstein says she'll introduce the legislation in september. hin the meantime maria will still be deported to mexico next tuesday. here's abc news reporter with
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more. >> emotionally i'm devastated. >> reporter: maria men doezau sanchez came to the u.s. in the early 90s unable to even speak english. she's a registered nurse and they have four children, one college graduate, one at uc santa cruz and two in k through 12. they also have less than a week to leave the country. >> no their expenses and what's going to happen when i'm not here, you know. >> the government first began trying to deport the sanchezs in 2002. the proceedings dragged out for more than a decade since they paid taxes and stayed out of legal trouble, the obama administration let them stay on a year to year basis. >> well, there may not be a next but they're supposed to leave on tuesday. >> the cry alone at night thinking about it. i try not to because there's
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still lot that needs to be done. still more fighting that we need to fight. >> the sanchezs and son jesus fly to mexico. they unleashed a statement about the deportashz order today. it says they've consistently held that neather of the individuals has a legal base to stay in the u.s. it continues while i.c.e. continues to focus on individuals who pose a threat to national security, public safety and border security. ice will not exempt class or categories of removable aliens from potential enforcement. they look to today's meeting with senator feinstein as a hopeful sign butted even their attorneys insure how much good it will do. erick thomas, abc 7 news. up next the final preparations for one of the biggest concerts of the year. what makes this year's even bigger and better. >> also the billionaire and the beach. a judge weighs in on public access to a private shoreline.
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>> meteorologist here with the preview of the forecast. >> the weekend is almost here and i'll let you know if this pattern is going to stick around or if there's heat straight ahead. and google's ceo cancels a meeting about an engineer's kaunts ruvrlsh
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one thing you don't want to see around your home, a mountain lion. a wildlife camera captured the images. wildlife experts say they usually avoid people but could hurt pets and it's a good idea to keep your dogs and cats indoors at dawn, dusk and during the night. that's when mountain lions are most active. thnchs california court of appeals has ruled access to a san mateo county beach will remain open to the public. a billionaire venture capitalist who bought the only access road put opgate and argued irts his property and he can close it to the public if hawaii wants to. in a rare 50-page ruling, the judge has agreed with the san mateo court since the california coastal act stipulates the water belongs to everyone, a public path must be allowed to get there. >> it goes from ventura up to
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oregon border is owned by private parties but you can stop your car and walk down a path to the beach. >> the court has ordered the gate to come down tomorrow. the property owner vows to continue his fight all the way the supreme court. san jose will issue refunds after back tracking and deciding not to fine people accused of using illegal fireworks during a recent crack down. last week we told you about people who claim to be innocent after receiving citations and that prompted changes. san jose fined one woman $500 based on a complaint from a neighbor. no photo or video existed to back up that accusation. >> somebody saw fireworks near my house and assumed that it was me lighting them off. that's not right. >> in some cases there wasn't ample kind of information to be able to really support the
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citation. >> san jose recently issued a total of 45 citations. >> the outside lands music and art festival is starting in less than 15 hours and they're celebrating 10 years of performing in san francisco's golden gate park. >> abc 7 news reporter has a preview. frfrs. >> it's only three days of music but we prepare for this year round. so we're ready. >> reporter: outside lands is one of the most successful art and music festivals in the country. >> very san francisco, very ethno sent row so to speak. 50% come from the festival and 50% come from all over the world. >> reporter: 30 brewries will serve peoples needs. 91% of the waste will be composted or recycled. four stages throughout the park will have muse frk every age group. >> 10 years later we're pinching ourselves. >> reporter: from rolfy 130,000
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people to 210,000 expected over the next three days. transportation wise, public transit is the best way to get to and from the festival. muny will have exafor rr buses as well as shuttles. lyft and uber will have a designated drop off and pick up area in the richmond district. the city's recreation and parks department has benefitted from the festival receiving more than $20 million over the past 10 years. >> and what privilege it is to be able to come here and enjoy music and food and some wine and community. pick up after yourself. it's not comp lkted. >> the festival starts tomorrow at noon at golden gate park. lean melen dez abc 7 news. >> so the food's there, the bands are there. twhil weather be? >> let's check in with meteorologist sandy putell. >> if you're going to rock out, i'd say this is going to be great weather. take a look at the forecast.
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low 60s in the afternoon. mid to upper 50s in the morning. yes, there will be quite a bit of cloud cover around and so when you're jamming to the music you don't wan it to be too hot anyway. it's goefweeg good weather at golden gate park. this will give you a preview of what it will look like at outside lands. you'll see the clouds around. at times it might be cool and drizzly. believe it or not there will be a few peeks of sun like you're looking at right now. typical summer fashion here in the bay area and on that subject from our live doppler 7 perspective, watching the low clouds advancing into the bay, not just the north bay, we have a good delta breeze gusting to 35 miles per hour in fair field right now. and as you check out the temperatures, they're in the upper 50s to the low 60s. pretty comfortable weather from san francisco to san jose. you're about 61 degrees. livermore not far behind.
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sfo is socked in and tomorrow morning it you are flying out, be aware of the fact that the weather could create some delays, especially with that marine influence continuing. you see it here from my emoryville camera all the way across the bay. cloudy overnight. cool to warm days through sunday and the summer heat returns late next week. 11:00 tonight yes, we will have the low clouds all the way in over the bay and tomorrow morning there will bow some spots where it is damp due to the drizzle. so be aware thoof fact that the morning commute might bow slower because of poor visibility and slippery conditions. for the afternoon i think more of you will see the sun, even at the coastline. beginning in the low 50s to mid-60s. watch out for the drizzle in the south bay. 80 degrees in san jose. 91 in gilroy. anywhere from the upper 60s to the mid-70s in places like mountain view.
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breezy in pacifica. 60 degrees. lingering low clouds. downtown san francisco. gets you up into the north bay. 83 santa rosa. east bay low to mid-70s. no heat here. lots of sunshine and mild weather. inland spots will be warm. 90 degrees in antioch and that's the warmest in the bay area. 88 in livermore. you can download the accuweather app. plan your day, plan your morning. accuweather seven-day will include drizzle. a wide range of temperatures with low 60s to low 90s. just a slight dip inland in bay side on sunday and cool for august on monday. how about 84 for our warmest spots. we're on a role so we'll keep it going. next week we'll start to see the warm up. by wednesday into thursday, low to mid-90s inland. we say 96. that's what summer sl about.
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so we'll be seeing it again. >> well, next the safe way to watch the total solar eclipts. >> and the damage you could do to your eyes if you do it the wrong way not worth the risk.
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the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. thnchs solar eclipse you're hearing so much about is just a week and a half away. and every astronomer abc 7 news has talked with wants to get the word out about it. it will be incredible but you have to be careful not to hurt your eyes. they're having a viewing party with plenty of safe eclipse watching methods in place. welders glass and even a card with a small hole but eclipse glasses may be the easiest way to go. >> these are specialized glasses. they have protected lenszs on
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them that will block just about all the light, except the sun light. >> if i look that eclipse, i should be able to see it without burning my eyes. >> when you see a light, it's just going to shine. >> those shades sell for $2.99 and the center's gift shop says they're selling about 100 pairs a day. for more information about the eclipse, go to abc 7 we have an entire page dedicated to it. >> uber is adding an inapp chat feature. they can give them better idea about where thafr rr actually located or any road blocks that might make for a difficult pick up. it can be found at the bottom of the uber feed. they hope this will cut down on the personal phone number information that needs to be shared. uber is celebrating free cone friday tomorrow in san francisco. think of this as a lottery of sorts. open the uber app and tap. to
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request ice cream. if you're selected, uber will send ice cream to you and up to four friends. it's also giving away limited edition collective cones every friday for free ice cream refills. >> as we move on, almost a year after the devastating loma fire, investigators confirmed what i team found out just days after it sparked. see what's changed in the months since it burned. google's ceo canceled a meeting with his staff this afternoon. it was supposed to be about the infamous memo on sexism and text. and a motorcyclist watches a driver slam ♪ [brother] any last words?
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live are you live, this is abc 7 news. origin and cause is what we've been working on the last 11 months. >> the massive loma fire burned for 16 days last september, destroyed a dozen homes and charred 4500 acres. today cal fire confirmed what our abc 7 i team reported last year on where it started. >> and officially tonight investigators are ruling out that the loma fire started as a marijuana grow operation. >> they also pinpointed the cause of portable generator. here with more. >> reporter: cal fire now confirms what i reported just days after the loma fire started last september that it originated in a marijuana grow on land owned by the ceo of a santa cruz medical marijuana dispensary that time. >> the cause is from equipment, either a generator or an electrical cord in the vicinity of the generator. >> reporter: cal fire has
9:31 pm
forwarded its investigation to the santa clara county district attorney for possible charges. last year i identified the pot farm after speaking residents, growers and this man who works in the marijuana industry. >> the locales know where it started. >> where? >> at the grow office at n bottom of the hill. >> reporter: a facebook live video pinpointed the spot. carlos was driving his ups route when he pulled over and recorded the beginning of the blaze. i took this freeze frame from his video. look at those two sticks and was able to find the exact spot where carlos parked. i shot my own video, sent sky 7 over head and identified the plot of land. it's the same property the neighbors complained about. those grow houses survived the fire but check of public records confirmed that an llc purchased the property in 2015. at the time of the fire seagull was also president of green
9:32 pm
acres medical marijuana dispensary in santa cruz. >> there's simply no evidence he did anything wrong. >> reporter: i spoke to seagull's lawyer a year ago. today he refused comment. they came down hard, exculating a search warrant, forcing him to remove rv's because of alleged code violations. the 11-month investigation has been thorough. >> they have investigated numerous people, including the land owner if they've been able to reach the land owner. all of that would be provided to the district attorney's office as part of their case. >> a law enforcement source tells me since the loma fire the sheriff's department cracked down on the santa clara county side there are far fewer pot farms but they're exploding because of the growing demand with our new laws. dan noise, abc 7 news.
9:33 pm
it's back to square one for google after its ceo suddenly canceled a town hall late this afternoon to address the controversy over a fired employee's memo. meantime he's making waves of his own actually showing up to goggal headquarters. james demoore posted this picture on his twitter page. he's now a conservative darling thafrp former soft ware engineer asserting that there are biological differences driving the gap between men and women in tech jobs. google 's ceo was to address these issues but he canceled a half hour before it was set to begin abruptly. paul holland says it's still necessary to have that conversation. i want to make sure every employee, every stake holder and every perspective employee knows that everyone who works at google has an equal opportunity to advancement and to the best
9:34 pm
jobs whether they're man or woman. now in canceling, he sited employee questions and identitied being leaked. tonight he spoke at a women in tech event. katy will have that story for you on abc 7 news at 11:00 on channel 7. orange county public congressman is suggesting that congress should get involved. the conservative congressman tweeted he's very troubled by google's treatment of demor. in a second tweet he said if sillicon valley continues with its illegal hiring practices, congress must investigate. and fine that he will mistreatment of conservatives by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue. he's among the california republicans considered -- a man caught on camera pushing a woman into the path of a bus is caught on custody. take a look at a jogger knock a
9:35 pm
33-year-old woman over back in may. the bus swerved to avoid hitting her. they say the 50-year-old suspect faces charges of suspicion of causing greivis bodily harm. motive still has not been determined. a car plunged seven stories off the side of a downtown parking garage. it happened a month ago. oo you see one vehicle moving around when suddenly a car comes crashing down on to the trunk of the other car. some people rushed in to help. glad to tell you everyone is okay. now to the hit and run chase in southern california. motorcycle rider witnesses a driver slam into several cars and then speed away. biker raced after him trying to get police to follow. here's abc news reporter. >> reporter: the daring highway chase caught on camera. >> whoa. >> reporter: this black mercedes
9:36 pm
sideswiping a car near san bernardino california. the badly damaged mercedes taking off. a goproattached, jumping into action. the rider's dramatic call to 911. >> i'm in pursuit of a hit and run driver. >> reporter: the mercedes losing its front bumper. >> his bumper just fell out and almost hit me. >> reporter: the motorcyclist keeping a safe distance for 20 miles until highway patrol finally takes over. >> i just panicked. >> reporter: they say 52-year-old sylvester arrested, suspected of dui. >> i didn't want to get involved but i knew i had to do the right thing and try to chase him down before he hurt or killed anybody else. >> reporter: they say he shouldn't chase down suspects but thankful the good samaritan was able to do it safely. abc news los angeles. coming up next honoring san francisco heroes.
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>> the scene was chaotic. police officers were coming, multiple ups civilens i were running out of the building. >> a special ceremony to the deadly ups shoolting.
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today 17 first responders
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were recognized as heroes. they were all at the scene of a deadly shooting in san francisco in june. >> the gunman killed two others before killing himself. kate larsson talked to today pftsz honorees about what that terrible day was like. >> the scene was chaotic. police officers were running into a building with myself. >> we have to act fast to save lives. >> reporter: recounting the moments they arrived at the ups building with a gunman inside. >> one person actually was shot, fell near my car. >> reporter: deputy sean lee says he heard shots as he ran into the shipping warehouse. >> as far as any type of scenario active shooter, there were so many trucks and levels. >> deputy sheriff sean lee. >> reporter: deputy lee one of 17 first responders from six agencies honored today by mayor ed lee for their heroicing
9:42 pm
actions. >> you're required to perform under difficult situations but that doesn't take away from the individual bravery, the valor that you showed. >> reporter: one of the first on scene, garth sutten says while the situation was frightening, he and his fellow officers did not hesitate. >> that's what we get paid to do. >> reporter: jimmy lam killed three co workers and injured two others before turning the gun on himself. >> there's always that danger where potentially there's still an active shooter. still out lurking while you're working on patients. >> reporter: paramedic was also awarded a heart of the city pen today. he pulled up to treat the injured, not knowing who or where the shooter was. >> being able to go home that day was definitely the most important thing. same place, same team but a different feel. see what's changed at the first raiders' training camp after it
9:43 pm
announced it's leaving for las vegas. american idle is coming this fall. auditions will be in oakland august 20th. the bus will be back giving you a chance to be a star but you don't have to wait. you audition online right now. we have a link to the application at abc 7 keep in mind they need to be at least 15 years old. more news in a
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some beach goers were enjoying a day on the french riviera when this happened. a dust devil throwing floitation devices up in the air. a woman captured the moment with her camera earlier today. followed by a rush to try to retrieve all their items. >> that's wild.
9:47 pm
>> it is. >> like confetti in the air. meteorologist is tracking what might be coming our way. >> we're going to have a cool down and then a warm up. but let's first start with live doppler 7. we have extensive low cloud cover, not just at the coast but around the bay. most of you will see the sun. temperatures ranging from the 60s to the 90s. there will be plenty of sunshine for our inland areas near the beaches. places like santa cruz you'll be enjoying sun with 74 degrees. 60 degrees ocean temperature. along the coast tomorrow afternoon, many in the 60s. if you're near the coast i want to take you hour by hour into tomorrow morning's commute. 5:00 a.m., winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour. 29 to 30 miles per hour for the afternoon and that breeze, along with a healthy marine layer is going to prevent those temperatures from really spiking. next couple of days they're
9:48 pm
going to be similar to where we were today. watch out for the drizzle. upper 80s saturday/sunday for the warmest spots. we drop you to 84 inland. get ready for the 90s, the heat to come back. thursday will be in the mid-90s. >> thanks. well, if you want to avoid expoesher to pollution while driving, roll up the windows and turn on the air conditioning. >> a group of engineer at the university of santd lewis measured with the air conditioning off and on. >> after crunching the data, the researchers found that cranking the ac reduced pollutants by 20 to 34%. they say the air conditioning unit traps most of the pollutants from getting to the vehicle. in napa today the oakland raiders return to work at their preseason summer camp and adoring fans welcomed them to the field but with the team making plans for a move to las
9:49 pm
vegas, it's a little bit different in terms of the atm atmosphe atmosphere. >> reporter: midsummer and football another take on the annual theme of how hope springs eternal, even for oakland raiders fans. knowing full well that with the team moving to las vegas, there's an elephant in the room. >> they're not necessarily desserting me as a fan, they're desserting oakland. >> if it's posable to find a psychological connection between church and state, it would be here in napa with raiders fans. let's talk about feeling conflicted. >> it hurts, don't get me wrong but they're the raiders. >> explain the love for me. >> unconditional. >> reporter: this is the 22nd summer they have spent together. the question is with the raiders moving to vegas, how much longer will it continue? the team wouldn't say what its future plans for napa might be. they've made no study of the
9:50 pm
team's economic influence. so we followed trickle down theory to a raider bastion. have the practices made him richer? >> not at all. i'm actually broke because i'm still a fan. >> reporter: after the move will die hard fan alvarez still follow the team. >> i still support him from my couch. >> it is not self seeking or easily angered. it really is trying to keep no recoffered wrongs and to persevere. in napa, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. >> keep talking about the raiders. rng absolutely. here with sports. >> shows you the whole sports cast like that? >> yeah. >> great. will derek carr even play in the season opener for the raiders? we'll hear from coach jack del rio.
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abc 7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. >> the oakland a's are serving their fans to get their input on thought they want to see in a new stadium. what amenities to doo you want? season ticket packages might include a happy hour and wine tasting. let's drink up as we watch a's baseball. maybe a stolen base museum for ricky henderson. adam jones off of chris smith and this turned out to be a trend because very next pitch tray mancini does the same. 3-1 baltimore. top six. this is not a replay. mancini high deep aloha, that's gone and next hang it bang it. so two different setsz of backo back jacks for the orioles who lead 7-2 in the ninth. sonny gray, bottom of the
9:55 pm
second, man at third. and a dribbler backing to sonny. the glove flip. not in time. jay's up 1-0. bottom five. another former a. josh donaldson. rbi single off of sonny. gray 0-2 with new york now. let's talk football. the raiders kick off the preseason and with left tackle donald penn holding out, don't expect to see a whole lot of derek carr. last season seth roberts played in all 16 games. 38 receptions, 397 yards, five touchdowns. he did this all with a double sports hernia he suffered in training camp but he never told anybody about it. consealing injuries to keep your job. that happens but somehow he was able to play in every game and jack del rio, the coach just found out about it this week. that was news to me. >> we just had this conversation. i said really?
9:56 pm
he said yeah. i didn't tell you. i said i didn't tell anybody. i said that's your right. you didn't miss any practice. he said nope. i appreciate guys that find a way to get out there for their team and teammates and i'd like them to report anything they have but i respect his decision. >> nfl preseason tonight, remember san jose state was with the bears for a while. string fellow, leaving left and right, 99-yard touchdown as miami beats atlanta 23-20. the bears signed free agent mike glen to a contract for 15 million. first pass for chicago picked off by chris harris of the broncos who returns it for a touchdown -- that's your first pass. denver up 7-0. get him out of there. the second overall pick, mitch true bisky led three scoring
9:57 pm
drives to victor cruz who can still salsa dance. but the bears lose 24-17. get ready for another christmas with lebron. they released a few dates on the 2017-2018 schedule. it will be in oracle on abc 7. they played in the finals on christmas and for the same three years the same match up, dubs and cavs. we'll see if kyrie irving is still with cleveland. the date is october 17th with chris paul. on to golf, round one, pga championship in north korea. age 24 trying to become the youngest golfer ever to complete the career grand slam and what a beautiful day at quail hollow. my goodness. north carolina. spieth four bogueies but three birds. his second to last hole on the back side. one over 72. so five shots back.
9:58 pm
a rough one for lefty phil mickelson. he's had birdies in 94 rounds of the pga championship but not today, plus eight. denmark'soleson birdies 18 right here. to take a share of the lead at four under but in one of the last groups of the day, look at the read from kevin kizner. 67 about 20 players within three shots of the lead. we got an update on the cardinals cash. tore up the grounds crew kid who tried to rescue the cash. the cardinals gave the cat to a woman. will you stop biting me. she claimed it was her cat. it wasn't and so little fluffy ran away from her. i'm just laughing. i can watch this kid all day long and get torn apart. it's bad of me but i can't stop watching. now there another search going on to see if they can find rally
9:59 pm
kitty. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> that's just bad. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a new twist in google's gender diversity controversy. the message he sent to young girls trying to break into sillicon valley. the fun and the trouble that comes with outside lands. the music festival. join us for abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> that's this edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. appreciate your time. >> for all of us here, thank you for joining us tonight. >> we'll see you in one hour over on the big 7.
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announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today, a sinking cruise ship and a deadly lie that sends thousands of terrified passengers scrambling for their lives on the mediterranean. chaos on the "costa concordia." also, a tokyo subway attack


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